Felix Tooth Paste

This is a family recipe from for those who like to do-it themselves.

There are a variety of reasons one would want to make their own toothpaste. We think people should use what works best for them. However, one of our patient’s parents decided to come up with their own version of tooth paste using easily acquired ingredients.

With their permission, we are passing along the formula for anyone to try who might consider dabbling in a handmade product such as this.

If you do want to make it, just make sure you or anyone using it is not allergic to the ingredients. In addition, this does not contain fluoride, which we believe is very helpful in cavity prevention. There are other ways to apply fluoride to teeth, but toothpaste is the most common way.

Happy Mixing!

  • 5 parts Coconut organic oil (acts as a binder. Available at Costco).
  • 2 parts Baking Soda (acts as a whitener).
  • Small portion of Cinnamon (antiseptic).
  • 2 parts Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D (powder form from Amazon.com, NOW foods)
  • Flavoring with extracts of Mint, Lemon, Vanilla or your own favorite.   (Pure Essentials)

Melt coconut oil on low heat. Mix all together. Let solidify/cure 1-2 days.

This parent poured the still warm toothpaste in a small container for each child, and then let it solidify. They would swipe their toothbrush across the paste in their individual dispensers.