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Dental decay is more common than childhood asthma. It is a preventable disease that begins with good dental habits, the right diet and regular visits to the dentist starting at an early age. Making informed choices on oral hygiene practices, nutrition and fluoride is what we help with. We consult personally with each family at every checkup visit to go over what needs fine-tuneing (or sometimes overhauled) with a patient’s oral health.


A young patient, nervous child or anyone with a history of a bad dental experience can be a challenge if dental care is needed. We provide as many realistic options as possible to each parent/caregiver. Not every child with a cavity needs general anesthesia as is currently being recommended by some providers. If appropriate, going slow with easy visits while building trust and confidence can be an option in many cases. Light sedation and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) are available if applicable. Anesthesia has its place and we have some outstanding anesthesiologists available, but why not discuss other ways of completing care if possible?

Follow through

We have consult rooms in our offices for a reason. Part of our commitment to our patients and families is to explain procedures, show films, discuss our recommendations and listen to your concerns. We have a network of other dental providers we trust that we can refer to if specialized care is needed (Orthodontics, Oral Surgery etc.).

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Dr. Michael Becker

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Dr. Kim Do

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Dr. Katrina Hays

Mostly Retired – Filling in Some

Dr. Jeff Hays

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Meet Our Staff

Our professional staff at dentistry for children is dedicated to helping each patient, parent or caregiver feel comfortable in the dental environment. The age range of our patients is from infants to young adults. Our goal is to tailor an approach sensitive to a patient’s age, temperament, past dental experience and parent’s desires..

The clinical staff provides dental services under the instruction and supervision of a dentist. They help by explaining each procedure at an age appropriate level, addressing any concerns from parents and by making patients comfortable during their appointment. Besides being a resource for oral health care and any concerns, other clinical duties include accurate charting, polishing teeth, taking dental radiographs, sterilizing and disinfecting instruments, preparing dental filling material and taking impressions.

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