“I cannot say enough good things about Dentistry for Children! My son has been a patient there for the last 14 years, and they have seen him through his very terrified early years, where they helped him through the stress, until his calm teenage years, where they treat him like one of their own! I am so thankful to them all, from the super helpful and friendly front desk staff, to the calm and very open dentists! Taking him here was the best decision ever!”
– Tracee C. – March 2020

– Ana F. – February 2020

“Always a pleasure to receive dental services here!”
– T. Skinner – February 2020

“Always so amazing and so helpful and patient when I bring my twins in. They are truly amazing there!!”
– Maranda R. – February 2020

“This place is wonderful!!! They’re all very kind and professional. I appreciate how caring and the way they show concern with the children. And I love the atmosphere – relaxing, comfortable and there is coffee available #winning”
– Tamara W. – February 2020

“Dr. Becker and his staff were amazing, as always! My nervous 3-yr-old was quickly put at ease and even let them take “pictures” of her teeth this time – I would have thought it impossible before!!! Thank you for providing such caring and thorough service. My kids were well-taken care of, from my braces-clad 13-yr-old to my little toddler.”
– Beth A. – 2019

“Both my kids have gone there since their 1st dental appointment to present. Never have either of them ever had any anxiety about going. (And my youngest has had several extractions!) Fantastic place to take your kids!”
– Michele W. – 2019

“My son’s been coming here since he was 3 and he was scared of the dentist and getting in the chair. But he’s 11 now and has no problems going. They’re all so friendly and make u feel comfortable. They’re the best.”
– Shelly T. – 2019

“The staff is awesome! We have been going there for years since the early 80’s and they are so awesome you couldn’t ask for a better place to take your young one!”
– Samantha L. on June 20, 2019

“Dr. Becker is always great and my child always leaves your office with a smile on his face. That means a lot to me as his custodian. Thank you for the great service.”
– Mickey S. on May 30, 2019

“My kids love going to the dentist thanks to all of the amazing staff. Thank you so much for that!”
– Cody R. on May 9, 2019

“Excellent and professional service. Thanks”
– Maxwell P. on March 29, 2019

– Nikolas on September 14, 2018

“I love how you care for my kids. Thank You!”
– S. Gabriel on September 2, 2018

“Excellent staff and service!”
– Malia on August 29, 2018

“Love dentistry for children!! Dr Katrina Hayes is so friendly and informative!!”
– Bethany on June 17, 2018

“Great visit!”
– Charlotte on May 12, 2018

“I went here as a kid and now I take my kids! Always a positive experience, with helpful & friendly staff!”
– CW on April 20, 2018

“My son just had his check-up. Once again, the staff did a great job on informing me of his progress. Thank you.”
– Gordon on April 2, 2018

“The staff are amazing. They treat my kids and i great. My kids and I love it there.”
– Jennifer on March 14, 2018

“Very friendly and good with children.”
– Brighton on March 11, 2018

“I appreciate the fast, professional service Dentistry for Children provides.”
– Angela on February 15, 2018

“Great as usual!”
– Kai on January 20, 2018

“Great comfortable atmosphere for children. I have a 3 year old and an 18 year old (who has been coming here since she was 3). The staff is kind and understanding. Our kids have no apprehension about their dental appointments.”
– Nancy on January 3, 2018

“Great service and people!!”
– Bradley on December 17, 2017

“They are great! We have been with them/you since our son was 2, he is now 14.”
– Gauge on December 9, 2017

“I can’t say enough about how wonderful everyone from the front desk to the dentists are! My kids went to them and now my grandchildren are. Thank you!!”
– Trista on March 12, 2017

“Dr. Hays is amazing with all 3 of my kids. She is so patient with the younger ones.”
– Melissa on February 9, 2017

“Dr. Hays is the best and so is her staff. My daughter has type 1 diabetes and I don’t have a worry in the world when she is under her care and that to me is priceless. They truly go above and beyond.”
– Kristin on February 4, 2017

“Dr. Hayes has been wonderful with my children with special needs”
– Cecelia on January 9, 2017

“Amazing staff that goes over and above any expectations. Both of my children love coming and are completely comfortable here. Definitely will recommend!”
– Chelsey on January 7, 2017

“Love Dr. Becker and all the staff! Our 2 year old had to have dental surgery, which we were very nervous about. After reviewing the procedure with Dr. Becker and Dr. Paravecchio, the pediatric anesthesiologist, we were completely at ease and were confident she was in good hands! Thank you for taking care of our baby girl!”
– Dulcenea on November 17, 2016

“We were sent here due to our daughters severe dental issues and her paralyzing fear of past visits with other dentists. They were patient from the beginning with her and now she looks forward to her appointments. Thank you Dr. Becker and staff!”
– Maria on November 7, 2016

“Very quick and friendly ,been taking my 10year old here for many years..They have always gone above and beyond.”
– Justin on October 5, 2016

“Very friendly staff. My kids love going to the dentist there. Love the location.” – Anonymous on July 21, 2016

“I have always had a great experience whenever I come for an appointment. Their staff is well trained and friendly. And even being older than the majority of their patients I feel just as welcomed.” – Daichi F on July 20, 2016

“I think u r doing a great job my son was very comfortable and related and u guys r very organized thank u very much.” – Mike G on July 13, 2016

“This was our second visit this week. I couldn’t be anymore pleased with Dentistry for Children of Port Orchard, WA. I did A LOT of asking around and searches online. I was looking for a dentist to be with my son for all his adolescence. I love how I have the choice to go back with my child. The little window that peeks into where the kids get their teeth cleaned is also great! I used it with my son to warm him up to going back there. The hygenist treated my son so genuinely sweet and kind that you would have thought she was family. Thanks Ms. Marissa. When it was our turn with Dr. Hays the visit continued to be great. He asked me if I had any concerns and showed me in great understanding detail what was going on with my sons teeth and what kinda of action plan we would need to eventually look at several years away in ortho care. And even gave me a few Good Jobs Mom! Lol” – Anonymous on June 19, 2016

“Dr Becker and his staff are amazing. Always so kind and helpful. Looking forward to many years of dental care.” – Gruber F on June 18, 2016

“The office staff at Dentistry for Children are wonderful. Very friendly and helpful, yet efficient also. My girls see Dr. Hays, but we’ve had appts. With the other dentists as well. They are great with the kids. We have driven an hour to visit this office for many years, and it’s worth the drive.” – Leah K on June 17, 2016

“I love Dr Katrina. We have used hrr for over 3 yrs now, since I moved up here from California. This last visit we did my youngest daughters 1st check up. The staff is always super friendly. My kids are always excited to go.” – Jodi on June 12, 2016

“Enjoyed the visit didn’t get upset did not to laugh with 2 year old” – Logan on June 10, 2016

“It was his first time to this dentist, and he was very relaxed. He wouldn’t stop talking about how the dentist was so much fun, and asked when he was going back! Thank you team, for making my son’s experience very positive and educational! :)” – Mason L on June 6, 2016

“Always happy after our visits at dentistry for children. We have had consultations with all 3 dentists and would recommend each and every one. My kiddos love going to the dentist! The staff is so professional and kind, keep up the amazing work!” – Amy H on June 3, 2016

“Sean had a wonderful time and was excited to learn how to floss!” – Anonymous on May 27, 2016

“Love it! Kids have a good experience and enjoy going to the dentist here.” – Seamus on May 26, 2016

“My daughter needed to have an emergency procedure done on a Sunday. Both Dr.Katrina and Jeff Hays came in on their day off and helped my daughter. They were amazing by giving me a peace of mind and throughly explaining everything they were doing. I’m forever grateful for their help!” – Brittany M on April 19, 2016

“I love Dentistry for kids. My boys always enjoy it and they have a play area to entertain the children while you wait.” – Anonymous on April 7, 2016

“We had a great experience! The staff made my daughter who was very nervous feel very comfortable. This was her first time getting a filling and everyone was absolutely wonderful! I will definitely be bringing my kids back even though we live 2hrs away!” – Anonymous on April 1, 2016

“The dental experience for a special needs individual can be stressful! Thanks to Doctor Becker, Hayes, and the entire staff this has never been the case. I so appreciate the professionalism, kindness, and assistance from dental care to insurance logistics. I would not hesitate to recommend this team to any one!” – Anonymous on Jan 29, 2016

“Dr. Becker and all of the ladies at the Port Orchard office are amazing. My daughter never minds going in, and alway leaves with a smile. My son just had his first visit at 21 months old, and Dr. Becker was easily able to calm him enough to check his teeth. It was incredible. We will continue to be patients here for as long as we are in WA.” – Momma V on Jan 29, 2016

“My kid has been going here over 8 years! He still loves their doctors and staff members. Thank you so much.” – Anonymous. on January 16, 2016

“We love the friendly service.” – Jamie S. on January 10, 2016

“Staff is very helpful in regards to insurance requirements and scheduling appointments. The Doctor is informative and lets us know everything going on with our child and the best options available.” – Anonymous on January 8, 2016

“I absolutely love Dentistry For Children. My kids are always happy and eager to go to the dentist. The staff and dentists are simply AMAZING. They are gentle, kind, and caring. I couldn’t ask for better when it comes to my children’s dentist. 100% love DFC!” – Marie K. on December 27, 2015

“I am always impressed with how friendly & supportive everyone is at Dentistry for Children. My kiddos actual enjoy going to the dentist’s office & I’m happy that they are timely even though we are there when they are busy. The dentist is also helpful by explaining what to watch for and when decisions about braces will likely happen. Two thumbs up all the way around.” – Klou on December 4, 2015

“They were so great with my daughter and made her feel comfortable about being then a dentist office and everyone was so nice and friendly.” – Anonymous on December 3, 2015

“We love Dentistry for Children! My daughter receives excellent care and give me good feedback on how her teeth are doing. What I love most about it is when I say it’s time for the dentist my daughter gets really excited to go! She says she loves how nice the staff is and that they are gentle on her teeth.” – Candace on November 14, 2015

“As always the staff is friendly and timely. With three kids waiting in the waiting room can get squirrelly but we never have that problem. My children actually love going to the dentist and that is amazing.” – Anonymous on November 2, 2015

“I work with clients with developmental disabilities, 2 of which see Dr Hays. He treats my clients with the respect and dignity they deserve. I can not express how much i appreciate how wonderful the staff at dentistry for children is. You folks really have made a world of difference for us. Thank you!” – Sherry G. on October 31, 2015

“Always a respectful and pleasant time.” – Ivy W. on October 30, 2015

“Love the professional staffs. They went out of their way to make our child feel safe; and, having fun with entertaining toys while waiting to be seen.” – Devine F. on October 28, 2015

“I highly recommend this office for kids. I have a 7 year old and a special needs 2 year old and they accommodate his quirks. It’s quite evident they are geared towards kids. They also don’t pressure the child or parent to force anything stressful on the child and would prefer to do ‘happy visits’ until the stress level lowers. I’m so happy I chose a dentist office dedicated to kids!” – Anonymous on October 24, 2015

“I love coming here with all my children. Mine and all the foster children I’ve had and have in my home. They are all treated great with no discrimination and the children actually look forward to going… Thanks guys!!!” – Alma R. on October 22, 2015


Reviews taken from Rate-a-Dentist

“Thank you for the timely appointment and great service & patience with my daughter.”– Anonymous on March 9, 2015

“My daughter is 2, and her first exam went great! I was so impressed with the time the staff took with her. They showed her everything. She was a happy camper afterwards. Dentistry for children is amazing.”– Anonymous on March 8, 2015

“Great Staff, wonderful energy, schedule availability was good, with a convenient office location. Thank you for everything, you guys are awesome!”– Christina on March 8, 2015

“Everyone was nice and welcoming. Dr. Hays was really good with my young son on his first dentist checkup.”– Anonymous on March 1, 2015

“This is the first time in my 14 years of being a momma (4 children later) that I have not left feeling like a terrible parent.. This is also the first experience my kids have had where they’re excited to come back! I can’t thank you enough!”– Kelli on February 25, 2015

“The front desk staff were so amazing and welcoming… The dental assistant Katie is so kind and informative… I absolutely loved her… By the time the dentist came to see my baby we both felt comfortable and safe in his hands… Dr hays was so nice happy and gentle… Definitely love this dentistry and will only come here for my princess…”– K. Peterson on February 27, 2015

“We brought our five-year-old son here for his very first dental work. They were kind, compassionate, and they dealt with him exceptionally well. The anesthesiologist was amazing and my son wasn’t afraid for a moment. As a mother and a nurse, I would recommend them to anyone.”– Jennifer on February 21, 2015

“Everything was great”February 19, 2015

“Fantastic, my daughter has a fear of dentists and it has been hard finding the right one for her. Well we found the right dentist with you all. Thank you for taking such great care of my young lady.”– Tanya on February 15, 2015

“The best dentist and staff I have experienced! I wish adults could go there 🙂 would highly recommend this place”– DD on February 4, 2015

“I don’t know what you do to those kids back there, but they keep begging me to take them back! I have four children that I bring to your office and not one of them is scared of the dentist. Your front office staff is fantastic, they are always so helpful.”– Trudi on February 3, 2015

“My daughter has high anxiety with dentists and she loved coming to Dentistry for Children! I am very impressed with how in tune with children this office is!”– Anonymous on February 2, 2015

“This dentist is the best out there. They are exceptional at helping my kids feel comfortable. They are great with children. We travel from shelton. They are reasonably priced compared to other dentists and flexible with payments.”– Nichole on January 11, 2015

“It was my son’s first time visiting this dentist and he loved it! He said it was his favorite dentist visit yet! I think it’s safe to say, they will have his business for awhile.”– Anonymous on January 11, 2015

“The office was very good with communication, took care of all of the billing and most importantly my kids were happy with the staff.”– Anonymous on January 5, 2015

“This is by far the best dentist’s office I have ever taken my children to. Their care, professionalism and friendly staff make it an enjoyable experience for my children. I recommend them to all my friends.”– Anonymous on December 11, 2014