Dental Services


Dental Prevention PlanA prevention plan is established with each patient and adjusted at every checkup visit. For a younger patient brushing recommendations, fluoride application and a discussion on dietary habits are bases that are covered with caregivers. Older patients may need sealants, over the counter mouth rinses and flossing tips. We monitor patient’s wisdom teeth and can recommend an orthodontist to help correct any bite issues that come up. Prevention to us encompasses the entire spectrum of oral health, not just the teeth themselves.

Restorative Care

Tooth Restorative CareYour child’s teeth will be examined to determine the extent of any tooth decay prior to recommending any treatment. We will always discuss your child’s treatment options with you beforehand in full detail. Depending on the extent of decay, treatment may include tooth colored composite fillings for small cavities or full coverage restorations for more advanced decay. Sometimes extraction is necessary and a space maintainer may be needed to preserve room for permanent teeth.

Behavior Management

Behavior ManagementWe cater to each child’s individual needs. Our staff has excellent training in guiding and managing a child’s natural curiosity and attention span. If necessary, we may recommend the use of nitrous oxide or sedation to assist in treatment. We never do anything that is forced or coerced. Many times, building trust and confidence with multiple easy visits can lead to providing care without the use of additional medication.

Special Needs

Dental Care for ChildrenPart of our specialty is providing dental care for children with physical, developmental, cognitive, sensory, behavioral or emotional needs. Our team has experience and increased awareness, attention and accommodation to provide empathetic care for your child.

Emergency Care

Emergency CareOne of our providers is available via the answering service for care or consultation 24 hours a day.