21st Century Technology: Your Dental Life Just Got Easier (and Better!)


The old country doctor. Making house calls and curing good folks of fevers, chills, and all the things that ail ’em. Picturing that worn leather doctor bag and a kindly smile on a bespectacled face really brings on the nostalgia in a lot of us, but sadly those days are a thing of the past. Medicine today is driven by technology, and at Dentistry for Children we’re embracing 21st century technologies that we feel best serve you, our patients.

21st Century Dental Technology - Dentistry for Children

In our office this means a major shift from walls of manila folders filled with forms and hard copy x-rays to a fully digital office landscape. Our journey into the digital office began in January 2017 and continues to this day as we strive to enhance our technology and education to keep us on the cutting edge.

But if paper was working, why digital?

Because it just works better!

Our patients are often referred to us from dental offices across the Olympic Peninsula as well as moving families across the country and even from around the world. Sometimes those patients were able to hand carry x-rays and charts along with them; sometimes they weren’t (any milspouses know what I’m sayin’?!?).

In addition in the past if a patient was ready for their first appointment with orthodontics, we had to create duplicates of radiographs, copy them to acetate, and then “snail mail” them to the new office. While this “worked,” it has also had it’s problems. Is a copy ever as good as the original? Is the USPS always 100% reliable? And what if the appointment were for something more urgent than ortho? The problems were clear.

These days in our digital office, every chart and x-ray lives in a secure server, and we are able to send and receive information via uniquely secured email in a matter of minutes. We are able to communicate with offices almost anywhere, and send and receive x-rays and dental histories even before patients leave the office!

In short, digital technology in the dental office saves everyone time and ensures the best care possible.

At Dentistry for Children we’re taking a 21st century approach to technology to ensure our patients get the best care possible, but don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten the value of that old time hospitality. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff still believes in the importance of great customer service, time spent with the kind doctor, and a friendly smile.

We like to think we bridge the best of both worlds, and we do it all with your best dental care in mind.

21st Century Technology - Dentistry for Children