Is a Second Opinion Right for You?

Is a Second Opinion Right for You?

When your kids hurt, you hurt, and when they need dental care beyond an exam and cleaning, you need to feel secure in both your dental team and the proposed course of treatment. For many parents, hearing their child needs fillings, crowns, or even General Anesthesia can come as shock and bring with it a lot of worry and frustration.

If you feel uncomfortable with your dentist’s recommended treatment plan, perhaps a second opinion is right for you.

Reasons for a Second Opinion Appointment

Parents have shared lots of reasons for getting a second opinion on proposed dental treatment. Some feel that the proposed treatment is too aggressive. Some parents have shared that cost has been a huge factor in their decision to seek treatment in a new office. Still others just need reassurance that the course of treatment prescribed is indeed the best for their child.

Whatever the reason, we feel it’s important for parents to feel secure in the decisions they are making for their children. To that end, we offer a no charge visit to families seeking a second opinion on previously proposed dental care for their child.

What to Expect

When scheduling a second opinion appointment, we’ll need to gather as much information as possible before you arrive. Some common questions might include:

  • When was your child’s last exam and cleaning?
  • Were x-rays taken? Can you have them forwarded to our office?
  • Is your child feeling discomfort? Where? (top? bottom? right side or left?)
  • What treatment has been prescribed by your dentist?

Once your scheduled appointment arrives, you’ll need to fill out our New Patient Registration form and our Privacy Statement (available here and here). You will also be asked to provide Proof of Insurance.

The Exam

Our doctors will examine x-rays and meet with and examine your child and discuss the best treatment plan for your child with you, and our front office will schedule necessary treatment from there. As always we like to work with parents to make the best decision.

Our Philosophy

We are here for your kids. Period. We want to do everything possible to help every child have a beautiful healthy smile for life. This begins with Infant Exams and continues through cleanings and exams straight on to the orthodontic referrals in the teen years. We are uniquely qualified to serve the dental needs of your children, with a qualified and caring staff dedicated to giving your child the absolute best care available.

When treatment is necessary at any age, we make decisions with parents, not for parents. You know your child, and we know teeth. We place the well-being of the child above all else. If a child needs care but can’t yet tolerate a procedure, whether due to age or anxiety, we often try the “go slow approach” to gain trust and confidence before eventually providing treatment. However when more urgent treatment is needed, we are fully staffed and capable of providing quality General Anesthetic treatment in office as well as in conjunction with our local hospital.

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It is never a bad decision to ask for a second opinion when you don’t feel 100% confident in a treatment plan. When you are ready, call our office to schedule your Second Opinion appointment. Together we can choose a course of treatment that best suits your little one and ensures Mom and Dad feel as confident as we do!