Baby’s First Dental Check-Up

Baby's First Dental Check-Up

Baby’s firsts are the best! From first bath to first words to first steps, each tiny milestone is exciting and important! Baby’s First Dental Check-Up is no different!

When Should I Schedule Baby’s First Check-Up?

The American Dental Association recommends scheduling that special first check-up within 6 months of baby’s first tooth erupting or no later than the 1st birthday. Why so young?

As soon as the first tooth appeared, you probably began wondering how to take care of it and how to ensure baby has healthy smile. You probably cleaned baby’s gums with a soft cloth before that tooth erupted, and once it arrived, you were excited and ready to begin baby’s first toothbrushing. With all the care you’re taking (Great job!), why not going ahead and bring in the experts to make sure everything continues to go well!

Also we’ve heard that kids are sometimes scared of the dentist. We’re not sure why! We’re so nice! And we give out prizes! Starting biannual visits early normalizes the dental visit for kids and can be very helpful in avoiding those fears altogether.

What to Expect the First Time?

For babies, the first visit will last around a half an hour. Once you have filled out new patient paperwork (which we recommend completing at home and bringing with you), the doctor or assistant will ask you a series of questions about your baby. We want to know all about baby’s health, diet, and any concerns you might have. Now is a great time to ask all the questions!

Next we need to see inside baby’s mouth. With children who are too young to sit in our chair, we complete a Lap-to-Lap Exam. This means baby will sit in your lap, facing you, and lay back in your arms so we can take a peek inside their mouth. During this first exam, we like to see how many teeth have erupted and how each of those teeth are doing. We will do everything possible to help baby be comfortable, but sometimes this is still a little scary for little ones. Don’t worry or feel embarrassed if baby cries. It happens! If we are able and with mom and dad’s consent, we will also apply fluoride to begin the very important work of strengthening and protecting baby’s teeth!

Finally, before you leave make sure to stop by the front desk and schedule baby’s next appointment! We know it’s hard to know exactly what your schedule will be like in six months, but it’s great to get something on the calendar. In our office we will give you a reminder magnet for your fridge as well as a courtesy reminder call the day before your appointment to help you remember.

Back at Home

Before you leave we’ll give you a few recommendations for caring for your baby’s smile. A healthy diet, brushing twice a day, and making sure to see your dentist twice a year are the cornerstones of keeping baby’s beautiful smile healthy for a lifetime!

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Baby’s First Dental Visit is an important milestone, and we are so grateful that you are including us in it! We look forward to that first visit and many more to come!