Dental Apps For Your Mobile Device

Dental Apps For Your Mobile Device

As with everything else in life, if it exists, then there is an app for it. Oral health is no exception, especially for young patients.

Google Play and iTunes have a plethora of mobile apps. Some of these work well, others not so much.

Here are a few to consider if you have anymore memory left on your mobile platform for an educational/interactive application!

Brush DJ: This helps you to brush for 2 full minutes to a randomly selected song from your play list. It also allows you to set reminders to brush twice a day, floss and see your dentist regularly. It is free and available on Google Play and iTunes.

Dental Phobia: This helps you deal with dental fear. It includes coping strategies and options available for fearful patients. It is on iTunes and costs $.99.

Dental Expert: This is a patient guide to understand dental procedures. It covers what to do in an emergency, something on bad breath and some information on caring for children’s teeth. It is free and can be found on iTunes.

There are a lot of apps available. Viewing the consumer comments on Play or iTunes help separate the good from the bad ones. Perhaps some technology just right for you can help improve oral health for your family.