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Baby's First Dental Check-Up

Baby’s First Dental Check-Up

Baby's firsts are the best! From first bath to first words to first steps, each tiny milestone is exciting and important! Baby's First Dental Check-Up is no different! When Should I Schedule Baby's First Check-Up? The American Dental Association recommends.... Read More >>
Seal Out Tooth Decay

Seal Out Tooth Decay

While brushing and flossing are the cornerstones of good oral hygiene (and first priority in our Top Tips for Terrific Teeth), sealants are another great tool for keeping your kids' teeth cavity free. What are Sealants? Normal brushing works really.... Read More >>

A Sweet Story

Recently, I was meeting my friends, Mike and Ike, to talk about Halloween.  They decided to play a Twix on me.  I was eating my favorite Mexican food and listening to my favorite musical artist….Marshmellow….when they slipped some Jalapenos on.... Read More >>

Halloween Tricks for All Those Treats!

Ahhh, Halloween! Who doesn't love all the spooky decorations and adorable costumes? But then there's the candy ... all. that. candy. As parents we want our kiddos to enjoy the holiday, but what are we to do about about all.... Read More >>
A Sweet Story

Choosing New Dental Insurance? Ask These Questions Before You Buy!

Are you on the hunt for a new dental insurance plan? Whether your company is entering open season for insurance plans or you've changed jobs and are looking at all new plans, it can be a daunting task to choose.... Read More >>

Where’s Cheesie?

Cheesie has been our beloved office mascot for years! He loves watching over all the kiddos in our office as they grow, and it shows in the size of his smile! Cheesie knows all the kids have awesome summer plans,.... Read More >>

Shark Teeth: When Should You Worry?

We get calls and questions from worried parents every single day in our office, and we love it! Concern for your kids is simply how we parents operate, and when you see something you've never seen before, it's a great.... Read More >>

Top Tips for Terrific Teeth

A beautiful smile is important to all of us, and building healthy oral hygiene habits EARLY are the way to get there. No matter their age, right now is the very best time to help your child build healthy habits! Here.... Read More >>

Tooth Brushing is a Team Sport

Parents, you work hard to give your kids the tools to be successful. You spend years teaching them to tie their shoes, countless hours repeating the alphabet, and all those nights and weekends cheering from the sidelines at soccer games.... Read More >>

21st Century Technology: Your Dental Life Just Got Easier (and Better!)

The old country doctor. Making house calls and curing good folks of fevers, chills, and all the things that ail 'em. Picturing that worn leather doctor bag and a kindly smile on a bespectacled face really brings on the nostalgia.... Read More >>