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Top Tips for Terrific Teeth

A beautiful smile is important to all of us, and building healthy oral hygiene habits EARLY are the way to get there. No matter their age, right now is the very best time to help your child build healthy habits! Here.... Read More >>

Tooth Brushing is a Team Sport

Parents, you work hard to give your kids the tools to be successful. You spend years teaching them to tie their shoes, countless hours repeating the alphabet, and all those nights and weekends cheering from the sidelines at soccer games.... Read More >>

21st Century Technology: Your Dental Life Just Got Easier (and Better!)

The old country doctor. Making house calls and curing good folks of fevers, chills, and all the things that ail 'em. Picturing that worn leather doctor bag and a kindly smile on a bespectacled face really brings on the nostalgia.... Read More >>
should you be worried about your child’s teeth grinding?

Should you be worried about your child’s teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding (Bruxism) is generally not something you, as a parent, should worry about. Grinding of teeth is very common, from the first tooth’s eruption until around age 6 (or when the 6-year molars erupt). The general rule of thumb.... Read More >>
Diet, Cavities, & Bug Poop

Diet, Cavities, & Bug Poop

What does that mean? It’s not only WHAT you eat but HOW you eat that affects your decay rate. If you are a frequent eater (lots of snacking or multiple small meals throughout the day) you are at risk for.... Read More >>
Is a Second Opinion Right for You?

Is a Second Opinion Right for You?

When your kids hurt, you hurt, and when they need dental care beyond an exam and cleaning, you need to feel secure in both your dental team and the proposed course of treatment. For many parents, hearing their child needs.... Read More >>
Dental Apps For Your Mobile Device

Dental Apps For Your Mobile Device

As with everything else in life, if it exists, then there is an app for it. Oral health is no exception, especially for young patients. Google Play and iTunes have a plethora of mobile apps. Some of these work well,.... Read More >>
Managing Canker Sores

Ask the DDS: Canker Sores

"My son pointed to his mouth today and told me, "It hurts!" I looked inside and saw a small sore on the inside of his lip! What is that?!?" -Concerned Mom There are a few things it could be with.... Read More >>
Anesthesia Option

Ask the Doc: Is General Anesthesia the Only Option?

It would be great if the only dental care your kids ever needed was routine cleanings and exams. That's the dream! But for many families, that's just not the reality. Cavities happen. And when treatment is necessary, we want you to.... Read More >>